Business pitch at the online symposium, the third anniversary of the Japan Medical Ventures Association


The Japan Medical Venture Association, JMVA, was established in 2017 to build an ecosystem for open innovation starting with medical and healthcare startups in Japan.
JMVA has established several subcommittees and has been conducting a wide range of activities including medical device AI, PHR, etc.
Three years after its establishment, a symposium was held online to celebrate its third anniversary.

Our CEO, Naoto Tamiya, was one of the speakers at the symposium and gave a pitch for introducing our business as a hot venture company.

Mr. Tamiya highlighted the launch of the world’s first non-invasive blood glucose meter, as well as cases from Japan and Singapore regarding smart wellness projects to utilize personal health records.

■Date and time: Monday, June 15, 19:00 – 20:40 (estimated end time)
■Event details
19:00 – Mr. Wada, President, Japan Medical Ventures Association
19:03 – Mr. Soichiro Imaeda, Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
19:06 – Dr. Satoshi Imamura, Vice President of Japan Medical Association
19:36 – Mr. Hirofumi Shibata, Deputy Director, Healthcare Industry Division, Commerce and Service Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
20:06 – Tenku Corporation [Featured Venture Company Business Pitch]
20:16 – Wellnessy Pte. Ltd. [Featured Venture Company Business Pitch]
20:26 – HealtheeOne, Inc. [Featured Venture Company Business Pitch]
20:36 – Mr. Ryutaro Yamamoto, Vice President of Japan Medical Ventures Association

Audiences: Medical and healthcare-related businesses, medical professionals, the general public, and the media.