Wellnessy Launches world’s First Medical Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor


Singapore-based healthcare company Wellnessy (CEO : Naoto Tamiya) has just launched the world’s first medical non-invasive glucose monitor, the GlucoTracker. Individuals no longer need lancets and patches to measure their blood glucose levels. Users place their middle finger on the device’s metal plate and thereafter, they can instantly review the results on their smartphone.
This makes blood glucose level testing both painless and quick.
The GlucoTracker also bears an accuracy rate of 87.56%, comfortably above the ±20% rate that other self-monitoring blood glucose devices currently have.

The GlucoTracker’s ease of use extends to its initial set-up process.
Users only need to download its companion mobile app on their smartphone from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store and sync the two devices via Bluetooth.
The mobile app allows users to track their blood glucose levels and monitor other vital health information such as their pulse, oxygen saturation, blood flow velocity, and hemoglobin count.  

Furthermore, its compact design makes it extremely convenient for people who are always on the go or need to test their blood glucose levels multiple times a day.
The GlucoTracker also boasts incredible longevity despite its small size, lasting a full five years before needing to be replaced.
Its longevity translates into value for money as well, with an average cost per month that is far lower than other self-monitoring blood glucose devices on the market.