Epoch-Making Quit Smoking Product is Now Launched in Singapore


You’ve probably tried patches, gums, inhalers – they worked for a while, until you felt stressed out and craved for a smoke. You have considered the pill options as well, until their pages of unsettling side-effects concerned you. Unfortunately, many of the options available to quit smoking involve switching one form of nicotine delivery for another.

Rien Pipe is an advanced filter that attaches to your cigarette. Each day you smoke, it subtracts an additional ~3% nicotine from the smoke you inhale, making a 95% cut in just 31 days. No drugs, no chemicals. No added nicotine.

We will do a road-show promotion at Essentials Pharmacy from Nov. 19th to Dec.1 2018. Please come to try out Rien Pipe!

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